About Us

Our ministry exists to Glorify God by bringing compassion of Jesus Christ into the broken lives everywhere through the sound counsel of God’s word and anointed worship.


We are a Full Gospel Church believing in the Bible and spirit-filled life. Our vision is to help everyone experience a glorious transformation through God’s saving and healing power.

What we believe

Our belief defines our direction. And what we believe is specific and absolute. We believe in the Triune God, the Father, the Son & the Holy spirit, the creator of all. The name of Jesus Christ is our authority; the Holy Spirit in all His fullness is our guide; the Great commission is our call and creed; we seek to recognize and honor the five-fold offices in ministry. The Bible is the ultimate authority for doctrine, correction and edification; true worship is our breath; healing and deliverance are a believer’s birthright; we are part of the worldwide church to preach the good news to the nations. Jesus Christ is the saviour, He is alive, He is the answer, and He is coming again.

Course Records

Fountain of Compassion church was started on 8th February 1998 with 20 people has grown to more than 500 in the past six years with three services every Sunday. Its pastors being, Pastor C.P.P. Ratnam and Pastor R. Paul Moses. The spiritual and moral contribution of our patron Rev.E.S.Christadoss thrives in our memory. From the year 2001, the church functions in an air-conditioned building, which has been given to the service of God by one of the church members.

The Lord has given to Pastor. Paul Moses to equip the church in anointed worship and taste the manifest presence of God. Worship nights have been conducted every year for the past 3 years. This effort has become a channel through which thousands of people have experienced heavenly worship, warfare prayer and passionate intercession. The live audio and video recordings of these are blessing many not only in this state and the nation but also around the world.

The church has numerous avenues for the spiritual growth and maturity of believers, which includes Discipleship course, Bible Study, Fasting Prayers, Night Prayers and Chain Prayers. Carecells function in every area where believers are, in city and suburbs.The Television programme of the ministry, "Idho Ungal Arpudham" aired on Tamizhan television at 4:30 pm every sunday is blessing millions in the South India. The Lord is doing mighty wonders through this telecast and people testify to that.

The ministry also blesses thousands of people in India and worldwide through the daily meditations, “Today’s Mercy”. The church also has a vibrant media ministry that hosts the sound and anointed teaching given in the church. We are heading for the day when this city will flow into the gates of the church and we will bless the world with the gospel of Christ like never before.

Doctrinal Foundation

  1. The experience of Repentance: You can start your spiritual life right and move forward only when you turn your back to the past to face Christ. (Matt.3:2)
  2. Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ: Believing Him as the Son of the Living God is the only way to life eternal and the foundation for Christian life. (Heb.11:6)
  3. The waters of Baptism are the fulfilment of all righteousness and the way of burying the dead self to be raised by the resurrection power of Christ. (Rom.6:4)
  4. The Anointing of the Spirit is not an accessory experience but the only power available for an overcoming life, which demonstrates the gospel not only in words but signs. (Acts1:8)
  5. Laying on of hands is God’s ordinance of imparting the authority and the gifts what He has deposited into His servants to the thirsty people that His work may be carried on until the end of the age. (Acts13:3,4)
  6. Resurrection of the dead: the sole expectation of the church is the Rapture, to be transformed to the image of Christ. (I Jn.3:2)
  7. The Eternal Judgment of all ungodliness is what God wants to see happen on earth at the consummation of the age. (2 Thess.1:8,9)
  8. Prosperity of God’s children in all things and being in health is the earnest, unchanging desire of God. (3 Jn.2)